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Requirements for infection control

We are happy to be able to stay open during these times, and we do everything we can and must to ensure that it is safe for everyone.

Strict infection prevention measures have been introduced and we must be prepared for measures in the future as well. 

Thank you very much for your help, and welcome back.

Clean Salon

The salon is cleaned according to the recommendations given by the Institute of Public Health. All touch surfaces will be cleaned several times a day. Tools and workstation will be cleaned between each customer.

Clean Treatment

We ask that all customers come with clean hair, and we will also wash their hair before all cutting treatments. 

Course in infection control

All our hairdressers have passed courses in infection control

Come healthy

Come only if you are healthy. If you feel unwell or have respiratory symptoms, do not go for treatment. Get in touch and we will help you with a new agreement, and we will waive cancellation fees. You are most welcome back when you are healthy.

Keep your distance

Show consideration and keep a good distance from other customers and other hairdressers, at least 1 metre.

Wash your hands

All customers must wash and clean their hands with disinfectant on arrival - this will be readily available.

Do not use your mobile phone

Mobile phones are a possible source of infection, and we prefer that they are not used in the salon.

Do not touch products

If you are going to buy products - let us know and we will be happy to help you.

Meet alone and at the agreed time

We ask that you meet alone. If you need a companion, let us know and we can arrange this in advance. 

To avoid too many people in the salon at the same time, we prefer that you do not show up before the time for your appointment.

No self-service and magazines

Unfortunately, there will be no self-service drinks in the lounge during this time. Magazines will also not be available. You are welcome to bring this with you if you wish.

Get in touch in case of infection

You must give must give feedback to the salon if you become infected with Covid-19.

Cashless payment

We accept payment by card, debit card and invoice.

Thank you for helping to keep our salon free of infection

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